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It’s always good to hear first-hand from someone about their experience when we are making a decision about trying something new. SuperNatural Skincare has been tried & tested and has confidently made the grade by many people. We are proud to say that the best thing you can wear is a beautiful skin.

I’ve just put in another order, which has prompted me to send you a quick message to say that my skin is looking

and feeling fabulous and in the best condition ever….I am so extremely happy I found Supernatural Skincare.

The compliments still keep coming which is amazing.  Thank you soooo much.   I just love every single product.

I was advised to try Super Natural skincare in my early twenties when I began having issues with breakouts due to stress from my studies. I had tried many different products that I had frantically purchased from other brands to fix my skin but I was still left with these itching and active breakouts. Within two weeks of using Supernatural skincare my skin improved dramatically and within 3 weeks it was completely gone.

I didn’t realise the effects at that age that amazing quality skincare could have on the health of my skin and restoring my confidence.
5 years later I am still using this brand and can’t compare it to any other products I have tried. I no longer struggle with breakouts but as I’m maturing I have incorporated many other products from this line into my skincare routine to combat concerns such as fine lines and pigmentation. 
I’m so thankful I stumbled across this brand as the quality of the ingredients and the results I have seen speak for themselves. 

Supernatural skincare has been our saviour! My daughter aged 15 had a face covered in red, angry acne. Within only weeks, we noticed a huge improvement using Supernatural Skincare, to the point where her skin is now completely clear, with only the odd spot. The products have given my daughter not only clear skin but more confidence along with it. 

I am now 47 years of age and was also one of the few unfortunate teenagers to experience ongoing aggressive acne, from my latter teens into my late twenties. I have tried just about every lotion and potion there is, as well as taking 4 courses of Roaccutane and several unsuccessful bouts of antibiotics, in an attempt to stop the acne, which continued to persist.

I set about changing my diet and educating myself as to what constituted a healthy diet and how I could assist my body in the fight against my acne. Changes were slow but I managed get my acne under control, with only periodic outbreaks. I began to notice that my skin was ageing prematurely. Even though I continued to look for new more natural based products I was unsuccessful in finding a product that promised results and actually delivered on these promises.

I came on holiday to Sydney where I had the pleasure of spending 3 weeks with my sister. Sallyann is a qualified dermal therapist and introduced me to an Australian product called “SuperNatural Skincare”, a new skin care line she had formulated, which is natural and doesn’t contain harmful ingredients. At that time too, I had a rash on my neck and chest that had persisted on and off for over a year  and a half. Sal suggested I try the Clear Skin Cleanser and a number of acne specific products. Too my amazement the results we not only rapid in starting to clear away the rash.

Upon returning to New Zealand, I continued with the products to the point some 3-4 months later I was virtually spot free, and the rash was completely gone.

The products have worked so well for me that my wife has started to use them for her sensitive skin. She’s almost 50 and has experience great results as well.


SuperNatural has given my skin results I could never have imagined in super quick time! I started using SuperNatural products about two months ago and for the first time in over ten years of suffering with inflamed and red skin, prone to rosacea and acne, I feel I can face the world as myself again. I’ve tried nearly every other product on the market without success but plenty of funds disappearing from my bank account. The clarity I have achieved with the SuperNatural products is remarkable. My skin feels smooth and healthy; moisturised without being oily and strong without feeling tough. The serums have healed my skin from the inside out and the Clear Skin Serum takes care of any disobedient break outs.  I’m looking forward to trying new more active products in the range with confidence, knowing the underlying sensitivity has been resolved. Thank you SuperNatural. You’ve literally changed my outlook on life.


I have always spent big money on high end face products sold both at department stores and salons. I use to use too many products from scrubs, face wash, toner, serum, cream, foundation and makeup to mask the imperfections in my skin. But I found that they were not helping my skin in any way and it has been a waste of money. I have a dark Indian complexion with pigmentation.

I was introduced to SuperNatural Skincare by my Naturopath. The products are simple and easy to use and reasonably priced. My skin has improved greatly and the pigmentation has reduced greatly. I never use to like sunscreen on the face, but I like the sunscreen from SuperNatural Skincare as they are not heavy or greasy. Overall I highly Recommend this product. Mary

I have always tried to hide my skin, I have big pores, really uneven skin tones and scarring from adolescence acne. I suffer from all kinds of gut issues which show in my skin too. Since using Supernatural Skincare I don’t feel like I need to hide any more and I am more confident about my self. My pores have noticeably disappeared or gotten smaller, the rash and adult pimples have stopped. The collagen in my face has built back up and even my fine lines and wrinkles have naturally rebuilt and filled back out again.

I am actually really bad at a facial routine but Supernatural Skincare has made it easy and accessible for me. Sallyann has always been an amazing support and helps me with questions as my journey has gone along also. The products always arrive timely and I can not recommend them enough.


Through the individualised program, support and products of SuperNatural Skincare, I have finally seen miraculous changes in my skin after years of trying other treatments. I feel so much better knowing these products are 100% natural and only use ingredients that serve my skin. And I have also learnt so much about the importance of lifelong skin care and elimination of harmful chemicals, I will be sticking with SuperNatural Skincare! Georgia

My teenage daughters and I have been using SuperNatural Skincare products for 18 months.  We have really seen a huge difference in the way our skin looks and feels.  They are by far the best products we have ever used.  We have also found Sallyann to be very knowledgeable in the area of skincare and diagnosing skin conditions.  We have no hesitation in recommending Sallyann and the SuperNatural Skincare products for all ages and all skin types. Rose Morabito

I absolutely love these products! Supernatural skincare has completely changed my skin. I used to have regular hormonal breakouts even in my 30s. Since using the products, especially the vitamin A serum, I seldom have a spot. My skin is clear and even in tone.  I have been using the products for 5 years now and have never looked back. It’s been a while! I first messaged you in 2015! Thanks for the great products!  Agi 

‘I have very sensitive skin with dry patches. Since using Supernatural Skincare my skin is clearer, softer and less likely to react to environmental factors. I am a middle aged woman and have been using SSC now for about 5 years and my skin has not aged in that time and I often receive comments from colleagues how clear and fresh my skin looks! I also love the packaging and it’s not too bulky to take on holidays with you.  Anne-Marie Bennett

The SuperNatural Skincare products I have used have quite literally changed my life. With super sensitive skin, which was prone to terrible and painful acne, I was having no luck with other products and within weeks of using SuperNatural Skincare, my skin and my life changed! I went from being so embarrassed by my skin to leaving the house with no makeup, in less than 4 months. That was 6 years ago! I cannot praise SuperNatural Skincare products enough. I love the products and what they have done for my life! Michelle

I needed a product that would work for my skin colour, with SuperNatural Skincare my acne is gone and so have the scars and pigmentation.

I am so grateful to SuperNatural Skincare, and can now face the world with a clear skin.

Since using SuperNatural Clear Skin Top 5 can show my face without a ton of concealer and foundation.

I used a number of products to treat my acne but nothing worked until I discovered SuperNatural’s Clear Skin Top 5.

SuperNatural Skincare is miracle stuff!

Since using SuperNatural Skincare, my skin is clear and the redness has gone, I no longer feel embarrassed about my skin.

My skin looks beautiful, it use to be red, irritated and blotchy, all my friends ask me what I’m using on my skin and comment on how lovely my skin is looking.

My skin use to be so sensitive, with large pores on my nose and pimples that would just appear. SuperNatural Skincare has calmed my skin and taken away the redness.

I finally found a product that works and my skin looks great.

I looked like I had a brown mask on my skin, 3 months after I gave birth to my son. After 30 days of using SuperNatural’s Skin Brightening System I experienced a 50% decrease in my pigmentation, and in 4 months it’s almost all gone. It feels great not to worry about using heavy make-up to hide my skin!.

I’m thrilled with the results, I was always trying to cover my pigmentation with foundation and in 4 months my skin is almost back to normal.

In one month my freckles have lightened and the pigmentation is fading, I’ve finally found a product that is working.

I didn’t want to have chemical peels and I didn’t think there was anything that could help my skin, and now in just 5 months my skin almost looks normal.

SuperNatural Skincare has helped me look younger and I love how my skin feels and looks now!

In two months my skin looked healthier and people were asking what skin care products I was using?