The science

Our goal at SuperNatural Skincare is to help you have beautiful radiant skin by offering you natural and effective cosmeceutical skincare that gives you results.

The best of nature, perfected with science

Before creating SuperNatural Skincare, it was essential to know the components of the skin and what the skin requires to be optimally healthy and vibrant. I also wanted to make sure to avoid any potentially harmful and toxic ingredients.

The other fundamental factors I looked for were to use skin-identical ingredients. When the skin cells ‘see’ the ingredient enter the skin, they recognise it as skin nutrition, and the health and vitality of the skin improves.

The outer layer of our skin (epidermis) protects us and is composed of lipids (fats) which include ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids. Our skin cell walls are composed of phosphatidylcholine, which is also a vital skin-identical ingredient we use to transport active ingredients into the skin. Specific components of the outer layer include natural moisturising factors (NMF) which are a mixture of water-soluble compounds such as amino acids (proteins), organic and inorganic acids.

Your true skin (dermis) or ‘mattrass’, is composed of ‘springs and coils’ known as collagen and elastin. This layer gives us support and bounce and contains large amounts to hyaluronic acid (water-binding). Our oil glands (sebaceous glands) within this layer secrete oil (sebum) onto the skin surface, keeping it well lubricated.

We aim to create skincare that effectively improves the quality of the skin by supporting the skin’s natural function either by helping to repair and improve the texture or to nourish, hydrate and maintain its protective function. We also want ingredients to help stimulate collagen and maintain elasticity and structural support in the skin.

It is our commitment to our customers to provide skincare rich in plant extracts, minerals, vitamins and proteins.

Cosmeceutical research and development in plant nutrients and their cellular activity is where nature and science came together to develop SuperNatural Skincare.

Using revolutionary extraction methods to harness potent plant actives and deliver them into the skin is our commitment to producing active and effective skincare. Using expertise in lipid chemistry, molecular distillation and plant extraction. Our ingredients are subject to rigorous biological and clinical standards.

The delivery of active ingredients into the skin is our primary goal. We utilise a unique delivery system incorporating non-toxic, biodegradable liposomes to deliver active ingredients to influence skin cells at a cellular level.

Liposomes are round vesicles ‘bubbles’ consisting of phospholipids (phosphatidylcholine) made out of the same material as the cell membranes in our skin. They carry active ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin. Liposomes help deliver nutrients directly to unhealthy and ageing skin cells to help improve skin quality, hydration and skin texture.

Our goal at SuperNatural Skincare is to help you have beautiful radiant skin by offering you natural, active and effective cosmeceutical skincare that gives you results.