Rewards Points

Earn rewards points every time you make a purchase. Additional reward points can be earned by reviewing products, sharing success stories and more. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to receive updates on bonus awards.

How it works

The program is very simple but very rewarding.

Rewards Points for purchases

  1. Earn 1 Reward Point for every $20 you spend on product purchases.
  2. Click to create an account and you will earn rewards points on any new purchases.
  3. Use your points to pay for product purchases. 1 point is worth $1.00. 

Bonus Rewards Points

You can also earn bonus points:

  1. Email us your Success Story and if we publish it you will earn 20 Bonus Points which is worth $20.00
  2. Refer and friend and if they purchase products you will earn 50 Bonus Points which is worth $50.00