Macadamia oil

Macadamia oil is a wonderful skin food. As we age, skin cell turnover declines and so too does the skin's ability to produce oil. Application of skin oils is an essential component of age defying skincare.

Macadamia oil benefits

  1. Closely matches the oil in our skin.
  2. It is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (doesn’t form blackheads).
  3. Assists with cell regeneration keeping skin youthful and radiant
  4. Contains squalene and oleic acid which soften and moisturise dry chapped skin.
  5. Contains omega 6 linoleic acid which balances oil (sebum) production and helps create the natural protective barrier in skin.
  6. Oils extracted from macadamia contain omega 7 or palmitoleic acid, which is beneficial for wound healing, wounds, scratches and burns.
  7. It contains phytosterols that assist with itchiness and redness.
  8. Macadamia oil is light and luxurious and penetrates easily into skin.

Who should use Macadamia Oil?

Macadamia Oil is safe for all skin types but especially beneficial if you suffer from dry, chapped and ageing skin.

How often can you use it?

Every morning and evening or as needed.

Works well with

All products recommended for dry and ageing skin.

How to use it

Apply over treatment serum.

Products that complement Macadamia Oil