Healthy Skin Tips

Our healthy skin tips will help you achieve a healthy, radiant complexion using natural skincare products free from potentially harmful…

Our healthy skin tips will help you achieve a healthy, radiant complexion using natural skincare products free from potentially harmful and toxic ingredients.

Our healthy skin tips include:

  1. Circulation
  2. Stimulation
  3. Protection
  4. Retinaldehyde – Vitamin A
  5. Natural products free from potentially harmful and toxic ingredients

1. Circulation

Circulation has everything to do with skin health. Nutrition (food), immune support, antioxidant and remodeling efforts all come from the blood supply.

Every time you are stressed, or drink coffee, or go outside in cold weather, your skin suffers a little because these elements restrict blood flow to the true skin (dermis). Vitamin K, horse chestnut and caffeine in many skincare products are there to reduce blood flow.

There is no skin condition (Rosacea, Dark Circles, etc) that is better off with less blood flow. The use of Retinaldehyde, Niacinamide, Camphor, and other circulation enhancing ingredients makes such a big difference in the quality and health of the skin.

Bags under the eyes are the result of vasoconstriction (reduced blood flow), loss of blood supply, a thinning true skin (dermis) and the ageing process are all factors that cause the problem. It is a thinning dermis that is the primary cause of visible capillaries. The reason capillaries return after treatment is because the skin requires adequate blood supply to the area. The best way to reduce this is to build back the collagen & elastin in the true skin (dermis) that covers these vessels.

2. Stimulation

So how do you stimulate the skin without damaging it with harsh peels or laser treatments that cause inflammation?

Retinaldehyde (Vitamin A). Delaying skin ageing has become a priority for women and men of all ages beginning as early as their mid twenties. Prevention is key to maintaining skin health and youthfulness.

As skin matures, skin rejuvenation becomes a corrective and restorative measure. The key remodeling components in the skin are the Fibroblasts. They make collagen, elastin and GAG’s, (Glycosaminoglycans) all of which are critical to a youthful, wrinkle-free appearance. Activating their receptors is the true target and Retinaldehyde stimulates Fibroblasts without resorting to trauma. Retinaldehyde is what the skin uses to make collagen by converting it to Retinoic Acid.

3. Protection

Sunscreens can create damage to the skin and has been shown to increase skin cancer risks. Physical sunblocks like Titanium and Zinc, do protect by reflecting UV rays before they penetrate.

The best method of protection actually comes at the cellular level, antioxidants used in the skin such as Vitamin C and E amongst others. The utilization of ingredients the skin recognizes vastly improves the protection ability. High dose antioxidants have proven to significantly reduce damage in the skin, and allow the skin to rebuild itself by shrinking the repair requirements, thus resulting in a thicker, healthier true skin (dermis). To make the process more effective, high percentages of these healing actives should be used as well as ingredients like our delivery system, which ensures that they reach their target.

4. Retinaldehyde – Vitamin A

Vitamin A is the most important ingredient for the skin. The body stores Beta Carotene and Vitamin A (Retinol) in the skin for activation whenever it needs to repair itself.

To effectively deliver ingredients like Retinaldehyde, into the skin, our liposomal technology is extremely important, as there is less exfoliation (irritation) because the ingredient isn’t being activated in the superficial epidermis (top layers) and there is more collagen & elastin produced because of the now higher levels in the true skin (dermis).

Retinaldehyde is literally 500 times more active that its synthetic counterpart which means we can use smaller amounts to achieve the desired results. The absorption rate is increased because the body recognized this natural form of vitamin A. Our deliver system vastly improves absorption and restores the skin’s lipid (protective) barrier. The liposomes are proven to increase penetration by 1000 percent.

Research has shown that Retinaldehyde has a similar activity profile to Retin A but with far less irritation. 40 patients were involved in a one year study that showed that Retinaldehyde significantly increased both the thickness and elasticity of the skin. This study also demonstrated that Retinaldehyde was very effective at reducing facial wrinkles and with much fewer side effects in this double-blind study. This natural form of vitamin A is an excellent choice for treating fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and even rosacea, and acne. All these benefits without a prescription while also supporting your skin’s health.

More about Retinaldehyde

5. Free from potentially harmful ingredients

There are countless lotions, and serums on the market today that claim to address anti-ageing. We began our research by studying the various ingredients for effectiveness as well as safety.

What we found was while there are key ingredients listed that have proven benefits, many times the product includes ingredients that have adverse health impacts. We also found that some formulations contained cheap fillers that actually contribute to the ageing process.

This lead us on a journey to find the purest skin care products available that also had potent corrective properties. SuperNatural Skincare is a natural, yet active cosmeceutical skin care range with no artificial colours, preservatives, parabens or fragrances. No sodium lauryl sulfate or propylene glycol or other harmful ingredients. Radiant skin is the result of combining these essential skin care elements and using ingredients that partner with the skin to obtain optimal skin health, skin clarity and beautiful radiance.

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