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Ageing skin

Our skin changes slowly over the decades, but by being proactive and making small changes you can have a positive effect on ageing skin. Using good quality skincare consistently over the years can make a big impact on your skin.

How skin ages

As we age, our skin loses firmness and elasticity, declining gradually over time. Collagen production slows and elastin, our natural skin bounce-back begins to collapse.

Dead skin cells mount up and shed less often causing the skin to look dull and dry. Repetitive facial habits like frowning and the way we sleep can cause sleep lines and facial expression lines to become deep and static. Genetics also play a role in the ageing process, alongside diet, smoking and sun exposure. We even lose fat in our cheeks, temples, chin and under the eyes. Sagging skin can lead to eyes looking sunken and cheeks looking hollow and gaunt.

How skin changes as you age – 30s, 40’s and 50’s

The 30s

One of the most common complaints of a 30-something skin is an uneven, bumpy texture, with puffy or dark under eye circles and a dull complexion. Other changes may include skin discolouration, post acne scars, and dehydrated skin with fine lines beginning to appear.

The 40s

The skin you have in your 40’s will be a reflection of how you looked after your skin in your 30’s. Skin begins to lose its firm support due to collagen and elastin levels starting to decline more rapidly. The skin rejuvenation cycle begins to slow down, and fine lines and wrinkles start to form and set.

The 50s

Skin becomes increasingly dry and dehydrated. You may begin to see the appearance of age spots and notice your face, and neck beginning to sag and droop. Menopause decreases oestrogen levels which can lead to your skin looking ‘thinner’ and more lined. Fat pads begin to deplete and drop, giving the jawline a jowl look.

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The science behind ageing skin

Our skin is like a ‘mattress’ made up of skin cells; a protective covering called the acid mantle or protective barrier, and collagen and elastin which are the ‘coiled springs’, that give our skin resilience and ‘bounce’. With ageing, our skin becomes thinner, collagen fibres weaken, and our support structure begins to sag.

Skin cells make up the body of our ‘mattress’ and support structure. Skin cell life begins in the deeper nutrient-rich layer of the skin and is moist, soft and plump. Skin cells have a life span of 28 – 30 days and divided and move upwards towards the skin surface. During this journey, the cells transform into a hard-flat protective outer covering known as the epidermis. These dead cells will slough off naturally in healthy skin, however by the time we reach 40, our skin cell turnover and collagen production halve.

The protective barrier is made up of a mix of oil and water called the hydrolipidic film and acts as a defence buffer and a lubricant seal that helps maintain the wellbeing and function of the skin. The protective barrier has three main features, it protects the skin from releasing too much moisture and helps prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated. The barrier is acidic, which helps prevent bacteria and fungal infections from occurring and limits free radicals (toxins) that speed up signs of ageing. It also produces essential fatty acids which enable UV rays to create vitamin D, for calcium utilisation, which is necessary for healthy bones. It is vital to preserving our natural protective barrier.

Elastin is our body’s own ‘rubber band’. As we age, these bands gradually break down and snap, causing wrinkles and moisture loss (dehydration). Loss of elasticity affects all skin types and appears as horizontal lines under the eyes, across the forehead and necklines.

Collagen is the ‘coiled springs’ that maintain firmness and keep the skin, taught. Collagen also forms a ‘water-bed’ of fluid (moisture) in the deeper layers. One of these vital fluids is hyaluronic acid, which acts like a ‘sponge’ boosting hydration and giving collagen and elastin support and ‘bounce back’. Collagen loss appears as vertical lip lines, frown lines and naso-lines. Skin can become thin, mark and bruise easily and heal slowly.

How SuperNatural Skincare works

The Hydrolipidic Film protects the skin from releasing too much moisture and helps prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated.

Collagen is the 'coiled springs' that maintain firmness and keep the skin, taught.

How to revive ageing skin

Use skincare products that work with your skin to enhance it. Skincare that uses skin identical botanical ingredients that target your true skin, where skin concerns start and promote skin health and rejuvenation.


Feed skin cells

Feed skin cells with the essential nutrients it needs to function properly for optimal health and vitality. The skin needs water and nutrients (just like our body) to look good and feel supple. The correct combination of vitamins – A, B and C, peptides, oils and minerals are essential skin-foods for healthy, firm and hydrated skin. Our skin needs these ingredients to activate skin cell regeneration. These nutrients feed and stimulates skin cells to produce collagen and keep moisture and oil levels sustained for radiant skin.


Improve skin firmness and support

No single ingredient is going to perform all our skin requires as it ages but incorporating a combination of ingredients in serums and moisturisers will help firm, smooth and hydrate your skin. Peptides help improve skin texture, strength and resilience and are our skin messengers. They trigger processors that cause our skin cells to perform specific functions like building collagen and elastin, which encourages our skin to look and act younger.

For the skin to respond to good quality anti-ageing products, it needs to recognise the ingredients as skin nutrition and be able to penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin using a delivery system to reach the cells.

Other essential ingredients for flawless glowing skin are vitamin A for all its anti-ageing benefits. Vitamin B promotes and strengthens the skins protective barrier function and is a super skin quencher and effectively reduces inflammation. Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant, protecting the skin from free radical damage, boosting collagen production which lifts and brightens skin.


Moisturise, nourish and protect skin

As we age, skin moisture levels decline, causing the skin to become dehydrated (loss of water) and dry (loss of oil). Moisturisers help increase hydration levels and nourishing creams replenish vital skin oils. An absence of oils causes the skin to look dull and scaly and increases dehydration, making fine lines and wrinkles more noticeable. Botanical oils, phospholipids and essential oils assist skin cells in bonding together to seal in and retain water. Our skin condition, health and suppleness increase as botanical oils form pathways for ingredients to permeate into our skin, helping to preserve the protective barrier, skin cells and maintain skin moisture and oil balance.

You need to use the right ingredients in the right combination to get the right results.

Ageing skin care routine

As we age, our skin loses the elastic bounce and begins to sag. Collagen deteriorates and skin becomes thinner and more transparent. An uneven texture and age spots can appear, making our skin look older than we are. Using daily nutrient-rich skincare is essential to keeping skin hydrated, firm and resilient. We all want beautiful skin, and we can.

1. Use the right cleanser

The cleanser you choose should revitalise your skin with ingredients that cleanse, brighten and gently exfoliate, improving skin tone and reducing pore size.

Radiance Cleanser – gently cleanses skin of impurities, dead skin cells and revives a dull, uneven complexion. This unique botanical blend of pomegranate, organic aloe and AHA’s help detoxify and improve skin texture and tone leaving the skin refreshed and radiant.

When to use

  • Complete this routine in the morning and evening


  • Apply 1 to 2 pumps to skin
  • Add water with fingertips, cleanse for 30 seconds
  • Remove with a face cloth

2. Firm and brighten your skin

Vitamin C works exceptionally well at boosting collagen and improving skin tone and volume loss. This formula helps soften wrinkles and plump skin.

Ultra C Serum is our liquid gold high-performance triple C serum, specially formulated for sun-damaged skin. This advanced lifting and brightening complex helps even skin tone, and improve the appearance of dull lined skin, revealing a more radiant, volumised and refreshed complexion

When to use

  • Use every morning after cleaning


  • Apply to clean skin
  • 1 – 2 pumps, massage into skin
  • Follow with your moisturiser

3. Activate and regenerate your skin

Help reverse the signs of ageing with our potent anti-ageing serum that visibly rebuilds the skins surface for a smoother, refined and rejuvenated skin.

Perfect Skin Serum I is a potent vitamin-enriched serum with retinal-vitamin A, anti-ageing skin-boosting botanicals. This formula improves skin quality and texture, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin colour and an even-tone, leaving skin will feeling hydrated, firm, smooth and radiant.

*Begin on level 1 with .5% and graduate to level 2 – Perfect Skin Serum II 1%.

When to use

  • In the evening after cleansing for skin regeneration and rejuvenation


  • Apply after cleansing every night
  • 1 – 2 pumps, massage into skin
  • Follow with your moisturiser
  • *For first time users, apply every second night for the first 2 weeks, then every night.

4. Feed and nourish your skin

Infusing skin with rich replenishing botanical oils will help increase moisture and oil levels and help restore the skins natural protective barrier

Vitamin Enriched Cream has been formulated for extremely dry and sensitive skin, infused with nourishing botanical oils that penetrate deep into the skin. Vitamin C softens and strengthens collagen production visibly smoothing wrinkles and antioxidants like vitamin A and B help rejuvenate and balance skin function.

When to use

  • Morning and evening after applying serum


  • Apply 1 – 2 pumps
  • Massage into skin on face and neck

5. Exfoliate and revive your skin

Exfoliation improves your complexion and is a vital step in an anti-ageing routine that prevents the build-up of dead skin cells that lead to a dull appearance.

Resurface Exfoliating Gel is a triple-action gentle exfoliator with Lactic, Glycolic and Salicylic acid which is a much-needed step in clearing dead skin cells, preventing blocked pores, removing flaky skin and brightening the complexion. This fast-acting pH balancing gel helps skin cell renewal and enhances the penetration of active ingredients for perfect looking skin, smaller pores and a refined texture.

When to use

Complete this process 1-3 times per week to a clean skin.


  • Apply after cleansing
  • Leave 10-15 minutes (avoid eye area)
  • Rinse off with tepid water

6. Nourish your skin

Oils penetrate deep into the skin, helping trap water and nutrient goodness. They help fortify and strengthen our natural skin barrier.

Phyto Nutrient Oil is designed to deliver nutrient-rich plant oils into the skin to help improve skin function. Rosehip and Jojoba oils are antioxidants rich in essential fatty acids required for skin health and protection. This liquid gold formula helps balance and restore the protective barrier, locking in moisture, making it a perfect recovery oil to boost skin health and vitality.


  • Apply 1 – 2 pumps after cleansing
  • Massage into skin on face and neck
  • Follow with Vitamin Enriched Cream

7. Brighten your eyes

Squinting and expression lines hasten the appearance of wrinkles and fluid under the eyes causes puffiness and dark circles. Eye creams help address these concerns.

To visibly improve elasticity and firmness around the delicate eye area, try our Renewal Eye Cream. This unique collagen support complex with CoQ10 to protect and hyaluronic acid and peptides to visibly smooth, plump and brighten, eliminating signs ageing and fatigue.


  • Apply a pearl size twice a day as needed.
  • Apply around the orbital bone

8. Inner skin health

Give your anti-ageing and treatment serums an extra internal kick.

Infinity Wholefood Powder is a powerful blend of organic antioxidant superfoods rich source of organic vitamins, minerals and herbs to support healthy ageing. Suitable for wrinkles, age spots, premature ageing of the skin, sun damage, red skin, dilated capillaries, pigmentation, collagen, anti-oxidant protection and dry skin. This nutritional vegan formula gives your anti-ageing serums an extra internal boost!


Blend 2 level teaspoons (7g) to 200ml of water, smoothies or juice or sprinkle over cereal to increase nutrient intake as part of a balanced and nutritious diet.

9. Inner skin health

A perfect match with moisturising and nourishing products for dry skin and hair.

Flexibility Wholefood Powder is a perfect nutritional support for nails, skin integrity post dermal therapies and cosmetic procedures, collagen, devitalised skin, poor wound healing, autoimmune skin conditions, dermatitis and support for healthy joints and bones. A great match with everyday skincare products.


Blend 2 level teaspoons (7g) to 200ml of water, smoothies or juice or sprinkle over cereal to increase nutrient intake as part of a balanced and nutritious diet.

10. Inner skin health

Collagen Boost gives your anti-ageing serums an extra internal boost and can be incorporated with all skin care regimes.

Collagen Boost is suitable for skin elasticity, hydration, lines and wrinkles and improves wound healing and reduces scars. Bio available, tested for toxic heavy metal safety, no synthetics.


Blend 2 level teaspoons (7g) to 200ml of water, smoothies or juice or sprinkle over cereal to increase nutrient intake as part of a balanced and nutritious diet.