Hyper-pigmentation reduction

Hyper-pigmentation reduction

Photos taken 4 months after treatment

The issue

Skin was very unsettled and oily with hyperpigmentation and post acne scars and prone to breakout.


Overall complexion has become more even and calm, the skin irritations and breakout have been eliminated and the hyperpigmentation has lightened and faded significantly.

Treatment Regime

I have always spent big money on high end face products sold both at department stores and salons. I use to use too many products from scrubs, face wash, toner, serum, cream, foundation and makeup to mask the imperfections in my skin. But I found that they were not helping my skin in any way and it has been a waste of money. I have a dark Indian complexion with pigmentation.

I was introduced to SuperNatural Skincare by my Naturopath. The products are simple and easy to use and reasonably priced. My skin has improved greatly and the pigmentation has reduced greatly. I never use to like sunscreen on the face, but I like the sunscreen from SuperNatural Skincare as they are not heavy or greasy. Overall I highly Recommend this product. Mary

Are you suffering from Hyperpigmentation and Skin Discolouration?

If you suffer from uneven blotchy skin with brown marks, age spots, liver spots or freckles you may be suffering from Hyperpigmentation or Melasma.

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