Regardless of skin type, these are the seven most common mistakes (and the most detrimental to skin health!)

Mistake #1: Not reading the label.

Do you know what’s in your skin care? Buying skin care with nasty ingredients that either sit on the surface of your skin, and clogg your pores causing blackheads and breakout, or irritate your skin and cause contact dermatitis and eczema or worse are absorbed into your body and become endocrine disruptors causing hormonal ups and downs. Toxic ingredient’s can irritate acne prone and sensitive skin types, leading to redness, dryness, and in some cases, brown spots and premature ageing.

Tip: Use skin care that benefits your skin and your body. SuperNatural Skincare avoids potentially toxic ingredients and uses natural botanical ingredients.

Mistake #2: Not exfoliating or not using the right type of exfoliant. Most people use a facial scrub, but they only use it when they remember, or go to the extreme of using it too often. Scrubs on ‘scratch the surface’ of your skin and are abrasive. AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) exfoiants derived from fruit go beyond what any scrub can do. Whether you want to fight the signs of ageing, achieve a radiant and even skin tone, alleviate dry, rough skin, diminish bumpy skin, or deep clean clogged pores, AHA’s give you a better result and are more effective.

Tip: Exfoliation is one of the most important skin care treatments you can do for your skin. You are missing out on some major skin improvement when you only use it once in a while. Using our gentle Refine Exfoliating Serum-30ml with glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid; which dissolve the glue that holds dead cells together, will reveal a brighter, smoother and clearer skin in the morning. If you are looking for that ‘something extra in your routine, this exfoliating serum might benefit your skin the most.

Mistake #3: Using skin care that doesn’t activate cell renewal and collagen production. People constantly ask “What can I use to give my skin that natural glow?” The secret to a youthful, natural glow from the inside out is to use skin-smoothing retinaldehyde serums (aka Vitamin-A-Serums) There is not a dermatologiest or skin care specialist that would doubt the anti-ageing benefits of this powerful anti-ageing booster. Retinaldehyde, Vitamin A works by normalising skin function and helps correct challenging skin conditions. How does it work on the skin? Vitamin A helps increase the depth (thickness) of the dermis (true skin) – where your collagen, elastin and blood vessels are – so it reduces wrinkles and increases blood flow to the surface of the skin. Vitamin A actually increases the deposition of collagen; therefore it slows the normal ageing breakdown of your collagen and elastin. While our Age Defying vitamin A serums gives great anti-ageing benefits it is important to eat a diet rich in antioxidants, avoid over exposure to the sun and keep will hydrated.

Mistake #4: Not using the right skin care for wrinkles and breakout (pimples). This is quite a common problem for people between the ages of 25 – 40 suffereing from clogged pores and breakout, with the added concern of fine lines and wrinkles. Are you super frustrated because your skin is perfect one moment, and the next you have breakout, then you are suffering from dry, dehydrated flaky skin? The norm is to address the breakouts with drying acne products, and then use ‘heavier’ anti-ageing products to address the dryness and fine lines. This type of skin is probably the most challenging because your skin needs the best of both worlds, to bring about balance, rejuvenation and normal skin function.

Tip: Any acne product that leaves your skin feeling tight, dry and irritated is not the answer, and creates dead skin buildup on the surface that traps oil and bacteria within the pores which can lead to breakout. Any anti-ageing product that feels greasy on the skin is not good either as acne-prone skin needs less oil since oil breeds bacteria and bacteria leads to breakouts. The best strategy for managing all your skin’s needs is to use a combination product that treats both acne and gives you anti-ageing benefits. Clear-Skin-Serum-30ml with vitamin A, vitamin B and antibacterial ingredients will help clear breakout, normalise and balance skin and help heal scar tissue, as well as rejuvenate and bring back a more youthful radiant skin. Natural vitamin A (retinaldehyde) is the best anti-ageing and skin repair ingredient available to help encourage cell turnover needed to keep skin looking and acting young.

Using a gentle AHA exfoliant like Refine Exfoliating Serum-30ml over the Clear Skin Serum three nights a week will assist in preventing the formation of blemishes and deep cleaning the pores. It will help smooth the skin surface and exfoliate dead skin cells. Radiance-30ml vitamin B Skin Therapy will have your skin feeling soft, smooth and supple, by increasing hydration (moisture, not oil), and help calm irritation and even out eneven pigment.

Mistake #5: Not wearing foundation or wearing the wrong type of foundation. Some of people try to ‘hide’ their wrinkles, blemishes, scarring, and pigmentation under makeup. Other’s don’t have much they want to cover up, so they think that wearing foundation is not needed and that not wearing it is helping their skin by letting it “breathe.”

Tip: The skin doesn’t have a respiratory system, so thinking that the skin breathes is a total myth. Mineral powder foundation (mineral-veil-foundations) is natural and inert (sits on the surface of the skin and doesn’t penetrate) forming a protective barrier against UV light and environmental damage. It contains ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that act as a natural sun reflector. Even if your makeup doesn’t indicate it has SPF, it will still help protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Keep in mind that the #1 cause of premature wrinkles is not from age, genetics or even smoking, it’s from UV exposure. If you are using a mineral oil based liquid makeup that is clogging your pores and causing bumps under the skin, then that type simply isn’t right for your skin. If you don’t like foundation wearing a tinted moisturiser with zinc oxide is another option for you. Perfection-natural-medium-30ml gives you three benefits; sun protection, a smooth and even colour and hydrates your skin. It does not cake on the skin or show fine lines and wrinkles.

Mistake #6: Not wearing enough sunscreen on your neck and décolleté (low neck line). If you’re reading this post, more than likely you’re someone who makes a conscious effort to take care of your skin. But when it comes to wearing sunscreen on the neck, most often people follow a similar routine.  You apply a moisturiser and protection to your face, and then whatever is left over on your fingertips you carry down on to your neck. This is not enough protection for this area, which is always exposed to the sun.

Tip: Your neck is an extension of your face, and needs to be treated with the same care as your face. Always apply a generous coat of Skin-Shield-SPF-30ml to the front and sides of the neck, including your chest if you’re wearing a shirt or dress that exposes this area. Keeping this area well moisturised and protected will delay premature ageing and sun damage in an area that is often neglected or forgotten about.

Mistake #7: Treating blemishes the wrong way. This is one mistake that literally everyone is making, and that is treating the pimple when it appears. It is more helpful to try and balance and normalise the skin prior to breakout. Using our healing and balancing Vitamin A & B serum will help control and prevent most pimples from occuring in the first place (Clear-Skin-Serum-30ml) When a blemish appears, your body has incredible repair responses (unless you have an immune deficiency disorder) that immediately recognise when an infection is present and then kick in to high gear to heal it. The problem comes when you, thinking you’re helping, interfere with these natural processes and end up making it worse.

Tip:  When you get a red, painful blemish, one of two things will happen:

The infection inside the blemish will work its way up to the surface of the skin resulting in a whitehead. The skin will excrete the pustule (infection) through the skin’s surface.


The infection will stay deep within the skin until the body eventually re-absorbs it and it will go away on my own. Do not squeeze these pimples as this results in scarring.

Treating stubborn PUSTULES with Skin-Rescue-Creme-30ml, will assist in clearing the blemish by working its way into the skin to eradicate any lingering infection.

CYSTIC BLEMISHES mostly occur on the chin and jaw line. The are like submarines trapped under the skin. No matter what method you employ, cysts never rise to the surface of the skin. This means no picking! The best way to treat a cyst is with Clear-Skin-Serum-30ml which help’s clear the infection and prevent’s future cysts.


Using results based treatment product’s like these along with our sulfate-free cleansers , alcohol-free skin conditioner activiating-mist, lightweight moisturisers – Hydro-Moist-Light-30ml and oil-free serums loaded with soothing antioxidants and active botanical ingredients, Treatment-Serums, all help make for a great routine that gives your skin the balance it so desperately needs to be healthy, clear and radiant.

I know you’re trying your best to do the right thing with the knowledge you have. For more information and to find out your true skin concerns take our Five Minute Skin-Health-Check. Hopefully this post and and our others will help you to truly know the correct way to care for your skin.




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